The Texas Restaurant Association and National Restaurant Association are tracking fundraising events and campaigns across the country. Has your organization signed up to participate yet?

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Cattleack BBQ
Salvation Army

Cane Rosso
August 29, 2017
Dallas, TX
100% of Sales
Houston Food Bank

Headington Co. Bars & Restaurants
September 6, 2017
100% of Profits
Visit any of the following: CBD Provisions, Americano, Weekend, Midnight Rambler, Mirador, Wheelhouse, Sassetta, Front Room Tavern, Victor Tangos and The Porch.
Houston Food Bank

All Hands on DEC
September 5, 2017
Dallas United States Bartenders Guild
Guests are invited to attend the public event for a $20 donation at the door or online, or $10 at the door with donation item(s) to be transported to The Houston Food Bank which has been designated as a disaster relief supplies drop off point. 
Houston Food Bank
GHCF's Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund