What and Who is Restaurants Respond?

Restaurants Respond: Hurricane Harvey refers to the giving and fundraising events put on by the foodservice industry to benefit Hurricane Harvey victims, including restaurant employees in the affected region.

There is no Restaurants Respond organization. It is simply a group of associations, restaurants, foodservice companies, and their employees and guests from across the country united in the effort to help those affected by catastrophic national events.

How do I find a fundraising event near me? 

To find a nearby fundraising event, see our Fundraising Events page. If you cannot locate one in your area, consider hosting your own!

How can I help with the Restaurants Respond effort?

If you are in the restaurant industry, ask your fellow owners and operators, employees and guests to join us. Refer them to www.RestaurantsRespond.com

Join our conversation on social media using #RestaurantsRespond where we are tracking numerous restaurants and foodservice businesses across the country who are donating to the Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts. 

The chosen charities for Restaurants Respond: Hurricane Harvey are committed to sending nearly 100% of the funds to support Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. In particular, these organizations are interesting in restoring the lives of people who give every day - the employees of restaurants. 

How do I know the money raised will go to help victims of Hurricane Harvey?

This is an important question. Depending on the charity, funds used will go to people who need nutritious food, restaurant employees with children or dependents who need gas cards, clothing, medical expenses, mortgage or rent, and even stipends for Harvey victims who need replacement vehicles. Visit the Chosen Charities page for more information on these wonderful organizations. 

What will the money we help raise for hurricane relief be used for specifically?

You are welcome to choose one or more charities in the registration form. You can even fill in the Other category if you already have a partnership in place with another organization. 

Does my restaurant or organization have to select one of the
fundraising options on the registration form? 

That's totally fine! Though we have vetted the three Chosen Charities, we understand that groups may have existing relationships or partnerships with others. Feel free to include that information on the registration page. 

What if we want to participate, but we want to give to a different charity?

Every donation makes a meaningful difference, but our chosen charities have asked us not to send in cash donations. Please combine the cash donations and write a check for that amount payable to the charity or charities . 

What should we do with any cash donations we receive?