Our Story

In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey, our fellow citizens and foodservice employees are facing unprecedented hardship. Please join us by participating or hosting your own giving event to raise funds for Children of Restaurants Employees (CORE), Houston Food Bank, and the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. Your generosity will make a meaningful difference to victims, their families and the other emerging needs arising out of the Hurricane Harvey disaster.

There is no Restaurants Respond organization. It is simply a group of associations, restaurants, foodservice companies, and their employees and guests from across the country united in the effort to help those affected by catastrophic national events.

100% of the funds raised through Restaurants Respond will support the chosen charities for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

The idea for Restaurants Respond began in the wake of Hurricane Harvey hitting Houston and Southeast Texas in August 2017. The Texas Restaurant Association, including its Greater Houston chapter, and the National Restaurant Association came together to find a way to help all those affected by Harvey's destruction, especially employees of restaurants. 

Imagine the difference our nation's 900,000 restaurants, 12.2 million employees and their 295 million guests can make working together. Join us!